Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some of the reviews for "Warmest Room In The House"...

Here are some of the things being written about my new book. It's official publication date isn't until next week so if anyone has had trouble finding it in stores please let me know. Thanks for your interest!

"Gdula demonstrates in... vivid, funny and absorbing detail.. that kitchens are warm is a case of mind over material. [He] begins with a charming description of family meals during his childhood... and charmingly evokes the accents and aroma around the table of his family. Gdula's childhood kitchen as well as the one he has created in his adult life is indeed the warmest room in the house. He has carried a childhood lesson into the way he lives now. 'The simple act of sharing a meal is its own reward,' he writes." "He demonstrates in ample and fascinating detail... the evolution of the kitchen decade by decade through the 20th century." - The New York Times Book Review, Sunday December 30, 2007

"Yes, of course, you are what you eat, but you may well have to cook whatever it is you are eating, and the tools and techniques for doing so can say as much about you as the food itself...[Gdula] is interesting when he outlines the rise of Julia Child, the abiding tension between diet books and cookbooks, and the appearance of appliances as faddish as the fondue pot and as durable as the microwave...[He] does an especially good job on the food-related double consciousness of Americans in recent decades." - The Wall Street Journal, Saturday December 29th, 2007

"Well-researched and entertaining...Gdula successfully personifies the American kitchen." - Publisher's Weekly, November 5, 2007

"In a more than 100-year odyssey, writer Gdula documents more than 10 decades of progress (or not) by American manufacturers, food producers, food experts, the government, and, yes, the consumer in the effort to transform the kitchen into the heart of the home...Gdula makes a strong case for the constant and continuing role of food and its associated topics…Fascinating." - BookList, December 15, 2007

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