Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tracks in the Kitchen: Leonard Cohen at The Paramount Theater

Long before I started writing about food, I used to earn my daily bread as a music journalist. When I noticed in the late 90s that I was losing my hearing - one of the few occupational hazards of an another otherwise exceptionally cool job - it was Lon who suggested that I begin writing about food. 

While I have few regrets -food is, after all, relatively quiet - I sometimes miss my old life. 

But these days, economic circumstances have required that I broaden my scope. Fortunately, I have my old skills to fall back on. Last night I was fortunate enough to not only see the legendary Leonard Cohen, but to get paid for the privilege as well. My review of his show at Oakland's Paramount Theater appeared today on SF Weekly's web site. I've included the link below. Yes, it's an easy way to put up a post, but it's affording me some extra time to devote to another assignment, and of course, my next blog entry.

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Charles G Thompson said...

Nice review. Must've been so cool to see such a legend. Love the celebrity sightings - Sean Penn AND Jello Biafra (didn't even know JB was still around)...