Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Twelve Gobs Of Christmas

Yes, Virginia, there is a Gob Holiday Gift Box Set.

But more on that in a minute. First a few seconds to catch up. I know I said something in my last blog about "if I didn't post now it will be December before I have a chance to write again." Seems I'm surprisingly prophetic in that way. Shame those skills of prediction don't work on anything else, though, like game scores or winning lottery tickets.

So yes, here it is the last month of the year, and the end of the aught decade. October's curtain came down after a wonderful night as I appeared on a panel - along side Mission Street Food's Anthony Myint, Charles Phan of Heaven's Dog and Slanted Door-fame, and the man the myth the legend, Brian Kimball, aka The Magic Curry Cart - at the Commonwealth Club's INforum discussion on Street Food. The evening was presided over by the lovely, talented, and shrewd moderator Tamara Palmer of SFoodie who did her Barbara Walters-best to get me to cry with her first question. (In defense of my waterworks, I'd just learned that a dear friend, and the man responsible for buffing my confidence enough to encourage me to begin this whole recession-driven baking business in the first place, had been incarcerated for violation of his green card status and was facing deportation. But more on that later. We all have to save bits of our story for the film version after all, don't we?)

November saw the gobs bringing a healthy dose of sugar to some birthday parties, and art openings (both Fabric8 and also the Lost Art Salon, which, I for one am happy to have found.) The gobs received some front and center placement on the web sensation, We Eating Dot Com. And our fearless butter-cream-filled confections graced the dessert menu at Mission Street Food's Alcohol Themed Night. Since I know a thing or two about dessert and booze, Anthony Myint asked that I prepare a tasting flight of gobs for the evening. So I offered up Chocolate Raspberry Fennel with Absinthe, Spiced Pumpkin with Buttered Rum Butter Cream as well as Irish Coffee with Maker's Mark Bourbon replacing the traditional Irish Whiskey.

And then it was time to take a deep breath, which leads me to The Twelve Gobs Of Christmas offer.

I was supposed to have my gob-selling store open by the first of this month, but through no one's fault but my own the store will not be open for business until January 1, 2010.

Sounds so far away, doesn't it? I thought so too. And as I fielded some questions about the store's unopened status with red-faced embarrassment, a marble of an idea began rolling around in my brain. Who says I, or you, dear gob-lover, have to wait, right? People are asking for gobs by the dozen now. Who am I to deny their cravings?

Let them eat gobs!

So, I am currently taking orders for the Twelve Gobs of Christmas Holiday Gift Box Set for limited delivery in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Your loved one, or better yet, you, will receive a box containing a dozen different gobs, a collection which includes twelve of the most popular gobs from this past year. The gift box will feature one of each of the following gobs:

Orange Cardamom Ginger with Saffron
Old School Chocolate and Vanilla
Mocha Almond
Ancho Cinnamon Chocolate
Spiced Pumpkin with Buttered Rum
Matcha Green Tea with Lemongrass Ginger frosting
Ginger Snap with Raspberry butter cream
Strawberry Basil "Shortcake"
Oatmeal Cream Pie Gobs
Lemon Thyme
Chocolate Raspberry Absinthe
Carrot Cake

(Sorry, no substitutes!)

How do you get your hands on such deliciousness? Simple.

Send an email to gobbagobbahey at gmail dot com. Place your order by December 13 and deliveries will take place December 19 through the 21st. Twenty five bucks. Done.

Pretty simple, right? What's the catch? There will only be a limited amount available.

So get crackin' and get gobbing.

Thanks so much for your friendship and support this past year. May the holidays bring you the perfect mix of what you want and what you need!

(And yes, three T shirts after the first of the year. We're doing them. You'll be wearing them. And that's all for now.)

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