Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Is Like A Box Of Chocolates. Or Something.

I hate Forrest Gump. Don't let the title of this blog entry fool you. I am not a fan. Love Tom Hanks. Let me say that now. But if I'm going to read or watch something about how a simple soul is mistaken for a genius, I'll take Kosinski's "Being There" any day. That's just me, though.

So what does "Forrest Gump" have to do with chocolate or Valentine's Day or gobs or this blog? Not a lot really. Yes there is that whole "... you never know what you're going to find," gem, but it doesn't hold true in this case because I'm about to tell you exactly what it is that you're going to find in the Gobba Gobba Hey Valentine's Day Gift Box.

I'll man up and admit that I used that heading simply because the idea of writing something clever about love, gobs, and chocolate resulted in the creation of a big old mental block. A chocolate-covered mental block, mind you, but a block just the same. In trying to think of all of the witty plays-on-words about the most celebrated human emotion, I was stumped. I was reminded of all of the things that love is capable of - Love Conquers All. Love Is Like Oxygen. Love Means You Never Have To Say You're Sorry. Love Will Save The Day. Love Is A Rose.... - yet I came up with an empty page. In this case? Love didn't hurt. But Love did leave me speechless.

So I'll let you write your own inscription when you give your beloved this Valentine's Day Gift Box. Like all good things, it's a collection that's meant to be shared, so you'll find two of each of the six flavors inside. It's an all chocolate set, by the way. (And even that fact tripped me up a bit, as I wondered if I should give it a name that tweaked the contents. At one point I thought of something along the lines of "A Chocoholic Sinsation" but thought that mash up was nowhere near as hot as the great name of my fellow Bay Area baking buds, Cinnaholic. Still, I riffed on it a little. See below.)

Without any further rambling, here it is. The Gobba Gobba Hey Ultimate Chocolate Hers & His, His & His, Hers & Hers, or Mine All Mine Valentine's Day Gob Collection! (Good thing I'm not trying to print that title on a label. Whew.)

There is a very limited run of these through this site. Please order by 10:00 PM on Friday, February 5th. Pick up is on Friday, February 12th. Stake your claim now. Email gobbagobbahey at gmail dot com. Thirty bucks (because I forgot to figure in packaging for the Christmas collection.)

And here they are...

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Gob - We’ve made a Valhrona Chocolate glacage, drizzled it over the top of this Valhrona Chocolate gob and then filled the center with fresh strawberries that have been doused with cream and a splash of Prosecco!

The Triple X Gob - This gob is a chocolate sinsation! Chocolate glacage covers the chocolatey cake while a chocolate butter cream takes the flavor where no gob has gone before!

The Banana Split Gob - Bet you didn’t know that the ingredients in a banana split - chocolate sauce, vanilla beans, bananas - also happen to be aphrodisiacs? You’ll find them all in this gob. And don’t worry. We won’t forget the cherry!

Chocolate Orange Gob with Hazelnut Frosting - Orange zest livens up this chocolate gob, and Frangelico hazelnut liquor adds a perfectly smooth balance to the butter cream frosting.

Chocolate Ancho Cinnamon Gob - Sweet, spicy and full of sass, this gob will help fire up your Valentine’s Day weekend! The almond paste and lemon butter cream keeps things from getting too out of control. One of our most popular gobs!

Chocolate And Vanilla - Chocolate and vanilla are a classic pair, no doubt just like you and your other half! Green & Black’s Organic Cocoa and fresh vanilla beans make this a simple yet sexy confection.

Remember, no substitutes, though kitchen catastrophes could result in a last minute change. Also, no crunchy frogs. (Sorry. How could I write about love from a chocolate box without mentioning that or this. You might have to click and scroll to find the reference on "this," though. Maybe you'll win a prize if you find it....!)

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Larry said...

The Valentine gobs were the truth! The second she opened the box, Rachel tried to invoke the "Mine, all Mine" rule, but I reminded here that there were two of each flavor, so she relented. Everything was delicious. Many thanks my friend!